Our innovative product- RoboTrac is honored

Honored with the 2018 Design Plus Award from Light+ Building.

The motorized RoboTrac represents the next generation of smart lighting. It is designed to bring the ultimate flexibility to commercial applications such as conference rooms, galleries, auditoriums or any location where high ceilings and limited access is a challenge. With our innovative wireless control technology, the RoboTrac Series can tilt, rotate and zoom with wide beam angles on-demand. It provides highly versatile control experiences and makes lighting effect and efficient. Thanks to the state-of-art zooming technology, the beam spread can be adjusted from 12° to 55° with smooth distributions and ample light output. The RoboTrac can rotate 355 ° horizontally and tilt
from 0 ° to 90 ° vertically with maximum agility, meanwhile, it provides tunable CCT from 2700K to 6000K, which is a perfect solution in commercial space.
The innovative technology enables new luminaire shapes and brings lighting to a new level.